A clean energy, renewable and already, the sun.

Provide and builds pumping systems in lost area, big or small farm out city,... Our Philosophy, use as we can the sun energy already on the place. This is the most bargain of our products for our partners and our customers.

Our efficiency at to provide to you the better products with the best price, the best quality, a long products life, and an ease cleaning and cheap maintenance

For this, we have a motived team, technical knowledge, who working closely with our partners ( Selling and installation ) everywhere arround the world.

Lighting, Pumping, Air Conditioning.


We can provide many autonomy lighting solutions, form the little individual cell to the public lighting.



As for all of our products, our first goal are to provide to you the better yield on all the kind of land.


Air Conditioning

Discover our solutions of solar Air conditioning kit, they will delivery ready to be install with the connections.


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